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STEMplicity Fieldtrips

     Survivor Jr Games
     Grades K - 6
Discover the skills you may need while in an imaginary survival situation!  Our fieldtirps are inspired by the variety of survival TV shows, like Survivor, Alone, Survivorman, and combined with engineering, architectural, and scientific challenges!
We will explore main steps to survival:  Shelter, Light (aka fire), Food and Water.   Kids will use fun science kits, electronic kits, robots and a few everyday objects to reinvent a true survival situation.  Kids will work in teams and practice team work skills, patience and communication skills.  Naturally, the true leaders will show themselves as the teams are looking for a perfect solution to their challenging task!

     Engineering Fun Games
     Grades K - 6

Take learning out of the pages of the textbook and into an imaginative, 3-dimensional, hands-on learning experience!  We use various robotic kits and motorized building bricks to  bring an amazing experience to your school! Kids will have a great time building fun motorized models, doing fun craft activities and playing games (all tailored to the length of the field-trip and the ages of kids).  

    STEMplicity Games
    Grades K - 6
Realize the benefits of STEMplicity Games with our fun in-school field-trips!  We make STEM activities exciting and easy!  Inspired by various movies and shows we bring themed activities and logic games, challenging tasks and brain-teasers.    We use LEGO® bricks, science kits, robotic creations and more!  Kids have to collaborate in teams, find clues and solutions, practice team-work and communication skills.  We challenge kids to THINK and LEARN through Simple Hands-On STEM activities!
     STEMplicity Preschool Games
     Ages 3-5 (Pre-K)

Surprisingly simple and incredibly fun, our STEMplicity Preschool games will leave kids excited and asking for more!  We build bridges and towers, race cars and fly airplanes, engage in art and science activities; we encourage kids' creativity and challenge their minds while preparing kids to succeed later in life!  



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